Famous stops in Britain that you cannot miss

Few places come with a variety of sightseeing and Britain is one of them. The cities here tempt one with a variety of shops that are top class along with restaurants and some finest museums. The cutting edge clubs and famous theaters provide all the travelers with something that is worth remembering. In a day, when you are enjoying the city life, the next night you will be lounging at a lavish pub and the following day you will strolling along the pathways of a beautiful countryside. This is why; it is called Great Britain as the name stands true in all its sense.


There are many destinations around the world where a person can just leave all his stress behind and concentrate on holidays.

London, England

When it comes to enjoying to the best while a person is UK, London is the best place to be. This capital city is sprawling with all the amazing things and seems to not slow down as well. The landmark museums, theaters, nightlife and amazing architectural marvels make it one of the most significant cities. This is a city that can never keep a traveler gloomy as it has something in store for everyone.

Lake District, England

Romantic chums and William Wordsworth were the first charmers in this place and the amazing beauty still continues to mesmerize the person who visits it. The whaleback fells, glistening lakes, soaring mountains and the finest vistas are the sights that will fill the eyes of the traveler with joy. Theme Park Junkies arranges tours to Britain, so that one can easily have the best time of their lives while trying to unveil the hidden secrets of this place.

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge because of its mysterious and intriguing site, still remains to be one of the most iconic ancient places in the entire Britain. The megaliths will keep the traveler stunned and this place will completely enlighten the mind of the traveler who is visiting this place. This is an ethereal place and the experience of this visit will surely stay for a long time.

Oxford, England

From time immemorial, oxford has never ceased to amaze the world through its quality of knowledge and its academics. As you stroll through the courtyards and watch all the brilliant students cycling through the place, your mind will be completely at peace.

Snowdonia, Wales

The northwest corner of Wales is filled with peaks and beautiful valleys, ridges and sparkling rivers as well as earthy villages. The 1085m summit is pretty famous and most people walk, climb the train to reach the place. The Isle of Anglesey and Llŷn Peninsula sit nearby Snowdonia that makes it a scintillating place.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Famous for joyous festivals, Edinburgh speaks of many moods and is extremely lively in summer. It has sights silhouetted in blue sky surrounding yellow daffodils which makes it mysteriously breathtaking.

Thus, while planning a tour to Great Britain, Theme Park Junkies suggests visiting all these amazing places to have the best time of your life.

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